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How Good Humans Sell, by Catherine Brown

When sales trainer, author, and speaker Catherine Brown published How Good Humans Sell, I edited her manuscript and managed production of her book from finished manuscript through the marketing launch and distribution.

STF_Galveston_epubcover_7x10 copy

I collaborated with local island restaurants to publish this souvenir cookbook that promotes tourism in Galveston, Texas.

Cover-Motorsports Marketing

When Ryan Shehan Racing wanted to show sponsors how to leverage motorsports marketing, we worked together to create this ebook.

Never Skip Dessert

This book includes 26 of the Acker family’s favorite mouthwatering dessert recipes.

Raise $10K in 30 Days: How to Create a Marketing Mindset and Build Sustainable Revenues for Your Non

After working with nonprofits for more than two decades, I wanted to challenge fundraising executives to adopt a marketing mindset to raise more money without adding more staff. The book includes bonuses valued at $92.

Soiled Rotten: Keyhole Gardens All Year Round

After an article I contributed to Texas Co-Op Power Magazine became their most searched article for more than two years running, I collaborated with Dr. Deb Tolman to publish the ultimate guide to keyhole gardening.

Life in a Rock Shelter

After camping and writing an article on Seminole Canyon State Historical Park in far west Texas, I became curious about what it took for prehistoric Texans to survive in what looks like a seriously inhospitable environment. This book captures my interviews with experts and reveals the lifeways who lived in the region more than 10,000 years ago.

Pet First Aid

I surveyed more than 400 veterinary professionals across the U.S. to create a user-friendly guide to pet first aid and disaster preparedness.

Because Lives Depend on It

In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Liz Dominguez and I collaborated on this short book that was adopted as Texas’s official pet preparedness guide.

Texas Caves, by Blair Pittman

Blair Pittman was an avid caver, photographer, and conservationist. When he published his book, Texas Caves, I had the honor of contributing a chapter entitled, “State Park Caves.” RIP Blair!


For 30 years, my travel, lifestyle, nature, and food articles have appeared magazines and newspapers like these: 


Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine

Texas Highways

Texas Co-Op Power Magazine

The Houston Chronicle

Country America

Backpacker Magazine’s Weekend Wilderness

Bats Magazine


The Longview Daily News

Email Essentials Ebook

When my clients asked questions about why and how to use email marketing to 10X their business, I wrote this ebook that includes templates for 5 essential sales emails.

Grand Slam Offer Worksheet Cover from Sparx360 Marketing

I follow Alex Hormozi. And after reading his book $100M Offers, I knew I needed a worksheet to make the process easier for myself and clients.

5 Day Sales Funnel Cover

Creating a sales funnel for your products and services doesn't have to be hard. This ebook guides you through the process in just 5 days.

Business Message Guide
Business Accelerator Plan

A 33 point report.

Spirits of the Canyon

From gushing blood to broken bones, seasoned EMT Claudia Asper is well-trained when it comes to dealing with the unexpected. But she faces the biggest challenge of her life with her sister vanishes without a trace in Texas’s rugged Big Bend. (Published/romantic suspense)

Officer Down: Hummingbird Ranch

When Edward “Big Ed” Hartman is shot while visiting an East Texas ranch, a wall of secrets comes tumbling down and mysterious cults and national security collide. (unpublished/suspense)

Lee Nowell wakes up on the side of a mountain in Santa Fe, NM with no knowledge of how he got there.

Lee Nowell wakes up on the side of a mountain in Santa Fe, NM with no knowledge of how he got there. Soon, it becomes clear that he has traveled back in time, with no idea how to make his way home. (unpublished/time travel/paranormal)

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