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Hi y'all! I'm Elaine.

I'm a writer, a proud
Texan, and a small business owner, just like you.  

Writing has unlocked my imagination and countless career opportunities.

I’ve written books and articles and pages upon pages of marketing copy for small business clients. I’ve also worked on important conservation initiatives, life-saving disaster-response plans, heartfelt nonprofit missions, and business leadership resources.

And as a serial entrepreneur,

writing has helped me launch my latest two businesses: 

You can read all about those ventures on this site.

Really eclectic stuff, right?


Yep. And that’s a good thing. For me and for you. I’m a life-long learner who loves new challenges. I make it a point to think and live outside the box.

What my unapologetically diverse background means for you is:


  1. I can quickly capture your personality and brand in words. 

  2. I'm willing to ask questions that help you share your stories and experiences in meaningful ways.

  3. I celebrate new opportunities and change (and can help you embrace new things, too!)

I’m wildly enthusiastic about helping others tell their stories, because as a kid, my parents gave me the best gifts any parent can give: 1) they taught me to read, and 2) confidence

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And as an adult, I’ve learned so few people grow up with that kind of support. If I said I wanted to try something new, they were excited and encouraged me 1,000 percent. (Except maybe when said I wanted to sing in bars… my mom had to draw the line somewhere!) 

I want to give that gift of confidence to others... to help you find your voice. And whether you're standing at the podium or singing in a bar, I’m with you all the way!


I'm not all work...

When I’m not writing in my home office in Austin, I’m spending time on Lake Cherokee, where I grew up in the East Texas Piney Woods. 

Here are a few conversations that
warm my heart.

My colleague Faith W. worked with me in conservation. She left me this sticky note and I’ve kept it on my desk ever since.


“Thank you for believing in me”


Sinclair F. and I worked together in disaster response. When she moved away from Austin and set out on big adventures, she left this sweet post online.


“You inspire me to dream bigger”


Elysia D. and I have worked together on projects for 20 years and counting. One year, she gave me this card. It's signed:


“Thank you for being you”

My personal philosophy:

No fear, no regrets. 

What are you waitin' for?

If you've made it this far, we should probably grab a virtual coffee and chat!

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