G. Elaine Acker

Spirits of the Canyon by Elaine Acker

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you my debut novel, Spirits of the Canyon!     When Claudia Asper’s younger sister Sandy vanishes during a photo assignment in Texas’s Big Bend, Claudia is determined to find her – dead or alive. The rescue team calls off […]

A view through the toilet paper tube 6

Birthdays, dreams, and wild imaginings I had a birthday this month. Every year, I turn around and there’s another one headed my way. As they say, it beats the alternative. The good news is that I tend to look at birthdays like my personal New Year celebrations: raise a glass, […]

Tomato Basil Soup Recipe

I’ve been working on a new recipe for tomato basil soup, and finally came up with a concoction that might just be good enough to share! I just wrote about it on the Camper Clinic II blog page: AmericanRVLife.com! And don’t forget to send me your best soup recipes too! […]

Bowl of Tomato Soup