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Life in a Rock Shelter

Life in a Rock Shelter Book CoverThis book grew from an article I wrote for Texas Parks and Wildlife, exploring the life ways of the prehistoric tribes of Texas’s Lower Pecos Region. I was amazed at the resilience of these people, and just had to learn more.

Acker, G. Elaine. Life in a Rock Shelter. Dallas: Hendrick-Long Publishing Co. 1996. This seventh-grade level text features Texas archaeologists and introduces students toprehistoric Indian populations that once resided in Texas’s Lower Pecos region.


Because Lives Depend on It CoverBecause Lives Depend on It

Liz and I worked together for several years on animal issues in Texas. I think her sense of humor and my attention to detail combined nicely in this preparedness publication.

Acker, G. Elaine and Elizabeth Serca. Because Lives Depend on It.; Austin: Pets America Publications Division. 2007. Designated by the State of Texas as its official disaster preparedness guide for pet owners.





Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide

After founding Pets America in 2005, I had an amazing opportunity to work with the veterinary community to create education materials for pet owners.

Pet First Aid Book CoverThe resulting book and curriculum teaches pet owners to care for their pets in emergency situations and encourages pet owners to prepare their entire family, including pets, for disasters. Through education and other programs, Pets America continues to make a difference in animals’ lives worldwide.

Acker, G. Elaine. Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide; Austin: Pets America Publications Division. 2007. Distributed by Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Research included surveys of more than 400 veterinarians to produce a reader-friendly guide for pet owners to promote emergency and disaster preparedness.

Texas Caves Cover


Texas Caves was published in 2000 and I was excited to be a part of the book. The photographs by author Blair Pittman are amazing.

Texas Caves (by Pittman, Blair. Caves of Texas. “State Park Caves” contributed by Elaine Acker. College Station: Texas A & M Press. 2000.)