My First Zip Line Adventure 1

Elaine on a zip line

The guides took photos of us and invited us to ham it up. So I did.

This past spring, I finally tried a zip line canopy tour and I loved it!

Given my happy experience, I’m inclined to say that there are probably no bad places to try zip lining for the first time. If there’s a zip line near you, go for it. For my family, the Ozark Mountains made a great setting.

During our last RV trip to Branson, MO, we made a reservation and then visited one of several zip line tour companies in the area.


After being trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey (the safety gear is much like you’d expect to wear on a rappelling excursion), we climbed into an open jeep for a short ride to the top of the mountain.

Zip line group shot

All dressed up with someplace to go!

On the way up, we could see the heavy-duty zip lines running from platform to platform, zig-zagging down the mountainside. Our guides shared more about the history of the area, took photos, and reassured anyone who happened to experience a wave of anxiety. Ironically enough, it was the one person in our midst who was afraid of heights who had instigated this particular outing.

Hook 'em horns on the zipline

The fear of heights faded for Sandy, who took time to “Hook ’em Horns!” on the last line.

Then it was time. As it turned out, our random anxieties and hesitations instantly disappeared after that first step off the platform.  We flew through the air, learned to rotate while we rode the line, and landed neatly on the next platform below like gymnasts.

It was over way too soon, but I will definitely be adding zip lining to the “must do” list for future road trips! I found a directory of zip lines that should be useful.

A quick safety note: I’ve discovered that there are an estimated 13,000 zip lines across the U.S., but the industry is self regulated, which means it’s really important to check out tour operators in advance. I’m thinking I’ll use the directory, as well as Yelp, to find reviews. But if you have some ideas about where to go, let me know!


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