The novels below are finished (Whoo hooo! Never miss a chance to celebrate!), and the first was published as an e-book in September 2013. I believe that e-book publishing now offers more opportunities than ever for writers, and as soon as the others are revised and available, I’ll post the links here!

Spirits of the Canyon NovelSpirits of the Canyon (Romantic Suspense)

When Claudia Asper’s younger sister Sandy vanishes during a photo assignment in Texas’s Big Bend, Claudia will stop at nothing to find her. She enlists the help of river guide Wayne Riley to continue the search.  Together, they match wits with one of Mexico’s most notorious drug lords to learn the truth about what happened to Sandy.

Officer Down: Rocking Z Ranch (Mystery)

Investigative reporter Jeri Lyn Reid accepts a writing assignment from the Department of Homeland Security to research a new religious cult. Jeri Lyn’s assignment first draws her back to her East Texas roots and the old Rocking Z Ranch; but her gut instinct for the big story soon leads her to Washington, D.C. where, with the help of her well-connected, law-enforcement family, she starts asking hard questions about a series of unsolved shootings – questions that may eventually get her killed.

Winner-180x180Orion’s Dream (Paranormal Romance)

Written during National Novel Writing Month in November, 2012, Orion’s Dream follows the journey of Lee Nowell through a time vortex in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After Lee disappears, it’s up to his college sweetheart Kristina to find a way to bring him home. But as Kristina and her mom, Catherine, both talented psychics, begin the search, they  find themselves in the midst of a top-secret government experiment. What they learn not only puts their lives in danger, but threatens the very essence of time itself.