Warning Signs of Heat Stroke in Pets 1

In many parts of the country, sweltering summer temperatures are already topping 100 degrees. People and animals alike are stressed from the heat and it’s important to make an extra effort to keep pets cool, comfortable, and healthy. Dogs get lots of  media attention during the summer, but cats and other creatures (including humans!) are at risk too.

I created this video in 2007 for Pets America, but I thought I’d share it again (ignore the big hair!). And, if you’d like more summer tips, check out my latest blog post on AmericanRVLife.com.

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One thought on “Warning Signs of Heat Stroke in Pets

  • Kim

    Awh the little guy is so cute! I wish I could take him home with me.I like to go canmipg with my puppy. He has lots of fun out in the wilderness, whether is chasing squirrels or going on a hike.