Target Shooting with BSG Security 7

Welcome to Rambo 101 – an exotic shooting experience!

Is there a secret underground of CPA shooting enthusiasts? My last CPA, John, who recently retired, was my concealed-carry buddy for years. And then this month, when I popped by to reconnect with my old friend and new CPA, Michael Grimes, I ended up with an invite to an amazing shooting experience. Go figure!

Becky and shotgun

This isn’t me – it’s my sister, Becky. But you get the idea. It runs in the family!

Because I’m a Texas girl, I grew up shooting guns. I must have been six or seven the first time I shot my dad’s 12-gauge. I’d I tagged along with him on a quail hunt, and pestered him until he let me shoot. I ended up flat on my back – but with a big grin on my face.  Over the years, I’ve tried shooting handguns, shotguns, and rifles, but never had a chance to try out ARs, PS90s, or silenced weapons.

Kent MorrisonThat changed when Michael and I met Kent Morrison, who owns BSG Security (a security and investigations company) at Best of the West range in Liberty Hill, Texas. Kent and his colleagues Carrin and Niki prepared a gun buffet for us, and we had an opportunity to shoot literally anything and everything on the menu.

Several things impressed me about Kent. First, he’s absolutely committed to safety. Second, he shares his experience without a shred of arrogance. Third, he knows how to coach women – an extraordinary talent in my opinion. And finally, he’s a fan of the American Red Cross.

This week, I called Kent to chat a bit more, and as we talked, it dawned on me that a shooting experience like ours is perhaps one of the only ways to showcase his team’s talents. After all, as a security pro, if everything’s going right, his executive and celebrity clients never really see his team in action. They’ll see the planning, they’ll see highly-trained men and women moving discreetly in the background, but they’ll never truly see that training in action. Seeing the group’s professionalism and ability to easily and effectively use at least 20 different weapons in two hours inspires confidence, to say the least.

Elaine shootingI was also curious about Kent’s ability to coach women. There was something different about his style, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Finally, I decided it was about good old-fashioned respect. “Working in protective services, we’re exposed to some of the ugly situations women go through,” said Kent. “I believe in leveling the playing field for women, and anything I can do to help women build confidence is time well spent.”

Kent teaches women’s classes and meets the women from Austin’s Sure Shots Women’s Pistol League – also led by Carrin and Niki – every week for practice. “I’m able to take the testosterone out of the equation,” he added. “You can ask me any question, and I’m going to treat you as an equal.” And he did. Thanks, Kent!

Michael GrimesFinally, we chatted about the American Red Cross. “I care about the Red Cross primarily because of my 16-year affiliation with the military and what the Red Cross does for the military,” he said. “We always knew as a naive E1 the Red Cross would get messages through and help you out. It was a lifeline back home to friends and family and it gave me a sense of peace. Since then, I’ve been associated with disasters in a protective capacity. I was in Katrina in 2005, and I worked the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco. I’ve worked alongside Red Cross volunteers and I have tremendous respect for what the Red Cross does.”

Michael and Elaine

Michael and me.

What can I say? I recommend the shooting experience with all my heart. Kent’s team even offers team-building programs for private and corporate groups, which Kent describes as “part Treasure Hunters, part Eco-challenge, and part Survivor.” Now that would spice up your next sales meeting!

Elaine in full gear

I’m all decked out in Kent’s gear. Yeah. It’s heavy. I developed a whole new level of respect for the men and women in our armed forces with just five minutes wearing full gear.

Many thanks to Michael Grimes for a memorable day, and thank you, Kent, for your support of the American Red Cross and your willingness to help women discover their inner Rambo!


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