Spirits of the Canyon by Elaine Acker

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you my debut novel, Spirits of the Canyon!



When Claudia Asper’s younger sister Sandy vanishes during a photo assignment in Texas’s Big Bend, Claudia is determined to find her – dead or alive.

The rescue team calls off the search when they find evidence that Sandy has plunged from a cliff into the Rio Grande. They’re certain her body has been washed downstream. Claudia, however, refuses to give up.

With the help of expert river guide Wayne Riley, Claudia retraces Sandy’s steps. But Wayne’s dark past and his associations with a notorious drug lord mean that her life is now on the line. The more she learns about Wayne, the more Claudia knows she should stay away. But she can’t give up on Sandy; and she can’t deny that her feelings for Wayne are also taking her heart into dangerous territory.


Many thanks to Mike Sloat for the fabulous cover photo!

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