RV Parks are Big Kids’ Playgrounds

Jeep and Seadoos

I haven’t met these people yet, but they clearly have it all figured out. Nice toys!

I’m having a Eureka moment here. I just went for a stroll around LaHacienda RV park in Austin, trying to wake up, and it hit me. I’m livin’ the dream.

Mardi Gras Lampshade

I met a fun woman named Luanne this trip, and she’s got her trailer, “The Pink Palace,” all decked out New Orleans style! I can’t helping thinking how great this lampshade would look on someone’s head…

When we’re little, we usually have some awesome toys – sometimes we share – sometimes we don’t. But by the time you turn into a big kid, you’ve usually forgotten how to play.

Tractor-trailer cab to haul fifth wheel

I love my little Airstream, but the big rigs still take my breath away. Yes, there’s a trailer to match!




But people camping in RV parks have it figured out! They remember how to play, and they have the BEST toys.

Taking a walk this morning was like wandering through a big kids playground. And it makes me grin from ear to ear, because I’m here too!




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