New Adventures for 2013 2

It’s my turn to dream big! I just finished writing my latest blog post about New Year’s Travel Resolutions for Camper Clinic II, which has me thinking about what adventures are ahead for me in 2013.

I’ve never really had a bucket list, per se, but as I started writing, the list below became part bucket list, and part goal-setting exercise. I’m keeping it short, so there’s no reason not to get ’em done!

1. Publish. Publish. Publish. I love writing in all its forms, whether blogs, magazine articles, fiction, or nonfiction. And I’ve done a bit of all of the above. What I haven’t done, however, is get those novels off the hard drive and out into the world. And e-book publishing is so easy these days, why not? So my first goal is to publish Spirits of the Canyon, a novel set in Big Bend, on Amazon. Yep, I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go!

I’ll be using part of this awesome photo by Mike Sloat for the cover. Thanks, Mike!


2. Grow my business. This past year, I launched RealSparx Marketing, and my colleague Ericca Long and I have already worked with some really great clients. What I’ve discovered along the way is that although we work with a variety of businesses, I love the tourism and outdoor recreation niche the most. This is no big surprise, since I’ve been an outdoor writer for the past 20 years, but it was such a great “ah ha!” moment when I realized that I really could make “work” and “fun” go hand in hand! Want to grow your travel, tourism, or outdoor recreation business? Email me! I’m your girl!

3. See one of the biggest, baddest fireworks displays in person. I’m a fireworks junkie, but the drought and unpredictable work schedules have made fireworks displays challenging for the past couple of years. I did get to see fireworks for several nights in a row while camping at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, though (and I’ll be there again next October!) so that helped.

FireworksBut I want MORE! It looks like Thunder over Louisville, which kicks off the Kentucky Derby, is the largest display in the U.S. It’s in April, so hmmmm…. that’s got potential! Have you ever seen this one? If so, tell me all about it! What’s the best place nearby to camp?

4. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Person. It’s great to get up on Thanksgiving morning and watch the parade, but I’m tired of seeing it on a television screen. I want to hear it, smell it, and feel the energy in the air. Maybe it’s all about the balloons. I love New York. I love balloons. This should be a good one! And again, if you’ve been, I want to hear about it!

5. Watch a building implode. No really! I want to watch a building implode. And I know I’ll be traveling several hours for something that will be over in mere seconds, but still… maybe I can find an implosion in a really cool city. I just looked for information on upcoming implosions, but didn’t find any. I found several sites about demolition, and companies that actually orchestrate the implosions, but no schedule. If you know if any upcoming implosions in your area, let me know!

So, that’s a good start on 2013, I think. I hope you’re planning something adventurous this year, too! Someday is never soon enough!

Cheers! And here’s to an Adventurous New Year!




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2 thoughts on “New Adventures for 2013

  • Shannon

    Some choice items on that list, Elaine. I look forward to the building implode. I’ve always wanted to see one of those too. Happy New Year!

    PS — Love the banner slideshow at the top. Such a peek into your life. I think you use the same theme as my other blog, but I don’t have that cool widget-thingie. Nice!