Keyhole Gardening

Did you see the keyhole gardening feature on Texas Country Reporter? The book is available now!

Elaine Acker interviewed Dr. Deb Tolman for a article on keyhole gardening, and that article became her most popular article ever. Now, she and Deb have teamed up to publish a new book entitled, Soiled Rotten: Keyhole Gardening All Year Round.

A keyhole garden is the ultimate raised-bed planter. It’s six feet in diameter with a composting basket in the center that leaches moisture and nutrients into the soil.

Author Dr. Deb Tolman eats from her keyhole gardens all year around. “You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars a month on groceries when you can grow healthy produce at home,” she says. “In the summertime, I grow Malabar spinach, which loves the heat. The chard’s been going all year. I can eat a power snack of French green beans right off the vine.” Her harvest includes carrots, kale, tomatoes, berries and more, rivaling the best farmer’s markets around.

The best news is that Dr. Deb is happy to share her secrets. In this book, you’ll learn how to build a keyhole garden, how to fill it with rich layers of compost to grow delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables. Whether you’re a first-time gardener or a gardening pro, this book is for you.




What people are saying about keyhole gardens

With Deb’s keyhole gardens you can get as much food or as many flowers as with a standard garden in a fraction of the space and with a LOT less water.  ~ Mary Lou and Jim Starnater, co-founders, The Silo ProjectKeyhole Gardening Deb Tolman

Keyhole gardens are self-sustaining, self-fertilizing, bountiful-harvest-producing, edible works of art.  ~ Sarah Guenther, Portland State University

Deb is a sustainability guru, community builder, and a hands-on facilitator for all things compostable. She has a passion for sharing her practical knowledge about dirt, plants, the climate, and how everything works together.  Keyhole gardening with Dr. Deb is sweaty, dirty, empowering FUN!  ~ Nancy Bratcher, Sustainability Researcher