Explore the new Aviator RV at Camper Clinic II 2

The new Aviator RVYou know I’m usually all about the Airstreams! But when I saw the Aviator on the lot at Camper Clinic II in Buda, Texas, I had to go in and explore. If you’re interested in an RV that has taken “green” to a whole new level, or if you just want to keep up with the latest and greatest RVs in the market, watch the new video and read my latest post at AmericanRVLife.com.

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2 thoughts on “Explore the new Aviator RV at Camper Clinic II

  • Frans

    I don’t know, my aunt and uncle drove from Buffalo, NY to the Grand Canyon in an Airstream in 1972, with four children. I could fill ten pagrpraahs with their legendary misadventures, many of which could be blamed on the Airstream’s lack of electricity any time it wasn’t parked on perfectly level ground. At the beginning of the trip, my aunt and uncle would have a decorous cocktail hour before dinner. By the end, they were drinking straight gin. I don’t even know if they bothered with glasses.