Cooking on Himalayan Salt Block

Using your Himalayan Salt Block on the Grill

Himalayan Salt BlockHas anyone else tried cooking on a Himalayan Salt Block yet? It’s basically a 250 million year old salt mined in the Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan. It’s gorgeous and there are some beautiful serving dishes carved from the salt. But the best part is the flavor the salt block adds to food.

I found my Himalayan Salt Block in downtown Santa Fe at a little olive oil store, but you can easily find them online. So far, I’ve used mine for cooking chicken and fish. The outside of the meat is seared and perfectly seasoned, while the inside is moist. Yum!

Here are a few cooking tips:

1. Make sure the salt block is dry before you begin cooking.

2. Add a light layer of olive oil to the cooking side of the block.

3. Turn on the grill and place the block in the center of the grill where you’ll get an even heat.

4. SLOWLY heat the block. I begin by turning the burners on low. After 10 minutes, I increase the heat to medium, and then after another 10 minutes, increase the heat to medium high. After 30 minutes or so, the block will be at approximately 450 degrees and you’ll be able to start cooking. I use an infrared thermometer to check the temperature, but you can just flick a small drop of water on the block. If it sizzles, you’re ready to cook.

5. Add a light coat of olive oil to your chicken for fish, and place it on the salt block. The meat will cook quickly, so stand by with your spatula. I generally only flip the meats once and they’re done. Again, I use a thermometer to ensure the meats are cooked to the perfect temperature.

Cleaning your Himalayan Salt Block

When it’s time to clean your salt block, first of all, make sure it’s completely cooled. I generally just turn off the grill and leave my block sitting there overnight. To clean it, you definitely don’t want to immerse it in water, or even hold it under running water. It’ll damage your block. But what works well is laying a damp cloth on the surface of the block for 1-2 minutes. This will loosen any food stuck to the surface and make it easy to remove. Then, I just wipe it down with the damp cloth and set it aside to dry. Make sure it’s completely dry before you store it again.

The blocks make tasty food, and you can even get spares for serving. Experiment! And let me know what works for you!

~ Elaine

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