Annular Eclipse from Albuquerque, NM 2

Neighbors watching eclipse

Art’s using the “high tech” glasses, while Vikki checks out our homemade eclipse-watching tool.

Last Sunday, we joined our neighbors Art and Vikki on a trip to the Balloon Museum in Albuquerque where we watched the Annular Eclipse. The term “annular” means “ring,” describing the ring of fire that remains visible as the moon crosses the sun.

Binoculars covered with MylarWe used special eclipse-viewing cards, but it was fun to see the other inventive eclipse-watching tools – from special cardboard glasses to welder’s hats to high-powered binoculars covered with mylar.

In New Mexico, surrounded by Native American culture, it’s also interesting to ponder what prehistoric and American Indians must have thought of the eclipse.

Photographer Frank Zullo, from Arizona, posted this photo of a petroglyph that he believes depicts the very event we just witnessed. Some Native Americans describe their ancestors’ beliefs that the sun was being devoured by a bear or a snake, and recount the great ceremonies to rescue the sun. Others thought that the sun was being reborn, and stayed indoors during the eclipse to respect that sacred event.

Here are a few more photos from our afternoon in the sun. Unless we head to American Samoa on November 13 of this year for the partial eclipse, we won’t be able to do this again until August 21, 2017!

Bill and Art watching Eclipse

Bill and Art watching the eclipse.

Eclipse photo by UNM

The University of New Mexico shared this gorgeous image.

Watching the eclipse laying down

Apparently, eclipse watching can be a horizontal activity!

For more great photos of the eclipse itself, check out the gallery posted on!


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