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Birthdays, dreams, and wild imaginings

Cardboard rollsI had a birthday this month. Every year, I turn around and there’s another one headed my way. As they say, it beats the alternative. The good news is that I tend to look at birthdays like my personal New Year celebrations: raise a glass, appreciate my life, and get re-focused on the things that matter most to me.

Speaking of which… have you ever stopped to consider the magnificence of the cardboard tube inside the toilet paper roll? Or, even better, the paper towel roll? I bet you did as a kid. I bet you stood with two toilet paper tubes against your eyes and pretended to be a jungle adventurer peering through your binoculars into the thick vines high in the trees. Or you held a paper towel tube to one eye as you stood on the decks of your ship watching for land on the horizon after weeks on the high seas. Ahhh.. the power of the kid’s imagination.

Words are still my playground. I can be an explorer, the ship’s captain, a badass investigative journalist, a time traveler, or a spirit with a bit of unfinished business. On the page, anything is possible.

So I said to myself, “Self, why on earth are you letting life get in the way of the thing you love doing the most?” Do I believe that our daydreams and the things that bring us joy are flashing neon signs that point us in the right direction? Yes. Do I believe that we should coach ourselves with the same TLC we’d shower on our best friend? Of course.

Then why are three finished novels tucked far away from the light of day on my computer? One is even revised, buffed up, and ready to share. It’s an adventure inspired by a trip to Big Bend with my family. It’s mystery and suspense with a romantic twist. It’s called Spirits of the Canyon.

Looking_thru_tubeSo my birthday gift to myself is to publish Spirits of the Canyon as an e-book on Amazon. It will be my first published novel, but it won’t be my last. I’m going to stare down the cardboard tube and let my imagination run wild. Happy Birthday to me.

~ Elaine

P.S. Watch for links and the full announcement next week!

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